April 21, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

Rockstar Games celebrates "Weed Day" with new GTA Online Update

Rockstar Games' latest update for GTA Online is celebrating a holiday recognized as a day for cannabis-oriented celebrations that usually take place every April 20.

Rockstar has been consistent with its weekly updates for GTA Online, which helps plenty for players to feel engaged and entertained. 

Nearly a decade following the launch of GTA Online, Rockstar tried plenty of ways to keep players in the loop.

The more recent formula sees the studio release a big update occasionally that's split across several months while, at the same time, supplementing the update with weekly additions.

The latest one, in particular, doubles the production speed of weed farms while granting a 30% discount as well as making weed-themed gear available free of charge.

Of course, not everyone will be celebrating 4/20, and Rockstar made sure to keep everybody happy.

The latest GTA Online update is going to be available until April 26.