May 31, 2022

By Arthur Vanauken

Rockstar Dev LinkedIn Profiles Reveal GTA 6 Details

Fans are hungrier for details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 than ever before, and are digging through sources new and old for every little crumb of info.

Usually, updates to GTA Online and GTA V come with a ton of fanfare.

Over the years, LinkedIn profiles have consistently given some insight into the upcoming title.

Relying on these sources has paid off once again.

Two Rockstar Games developers have revealed a little too much in their LinkedIn profiles, pointing at what may very likely be GTA 6 with feature details.

Nathan Hunt is a Senior Cinematics Camera Artist and is working on cinematography and narrative flow. 

Ryan Schacter works in animation, and mentions the particularly exciting Motion Matching technology on their profile.

GTA 6 is still likely years away, so fans will have to hope for more mouthy LinkedIn profiles in the meantime!