Report: GTA 6 "400-500 Hours"; Will Feature London

March 15, 2022

By Aron Gerencser

Grand Theft Auto 6 was already one of the most talked-about, and most leaked upcoming games out there.

However ever since Rockstar Games officially acknowledged it, the reports have been positively flying.

A number of leaks, all from credible sources yet possessing conflicting details, are joined by yet another.

This report comes in the form of a brief video from renowned industry analyst Michael Pachter.

According to Pachter, GTA 6 has been in development since 2014, and coding has been going on since 2015.

The project will allegedly take 10 years "or more" to finish, meaning we can't expect a release window before 2024.

We'll have to wait and see - which in the case of GTA 6 might mean years of waiting.