March 29, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

NoPixel Arab taken down following LGBTQ+ backlash

NoPixel, a popular GTA Online RP server, quickly found out it can do wrong.

NoPixel's newest server caters specifically to the Arabs but it is relatively new, so things can be a bit touch and go.

In a new update, the managing team claims the server is banning any form of LGBTQIA+ on the server because it goes against their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, the internet has quickly called out NoPixel for its hypocritical stance.

If NoPixel wanted to stand by its religious principles, it would ban looting, robbing, as well as murder, among others.

After much backlash, NoPixel confirmed that the short-lived Arab NoPixel server is no more.

Despite all of the controversy, NoPixel deserves to get credit for acting quickly so that things didn't escalate further.