LS Car Meet Reputation Bonuses In GTA Online This Week

April 2, 2022

By Aron Gerencser

This week in GTA Online, all LS Car Meet races are paying out double LS Car Meet rep.

For some higher stakes, players can hop over to the Survival Series which will reward you with 2x the usual GTA$ and RP payouts.

You can also hit up your old friend Lamar for his Contact Missions, matching the previous bonus.

The biggest draw for the profit-minded among you however will likely be the payout boost on Gunrunning Sell Missions and Special Cargo Sell Missions.

Simply logging into GTA Online this week will earn you the All White Square Shades for free. Speaking of free.

The The Grotti Itali GTO is this week's Prize Ride vehicle.

A physical release of GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will be launching on the 12th of April.