December 15, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

The Los Santos Drug Wars update is available now in GTA Online

Rockstar Games has officially launched the Los Santos Drug War expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online.

The latest GTA Online update is now available on all platforms and it will add six missions to GTA Online. 

According to Rockstar, this is all but the opening chapter for a new story arc that will be released in portions over the next few months.

For the latest update, your goal is to help out the Fooliganiz, a group led by Dax. 

You'll help these guys become Blaine County's latest drug lords by assisting them to set up an acid lab in the back of their armored RV, Breaking Bad style.

Once you're finished peddling hallucinogenics, your reward is access to two new vehicles as well as extra missions, and the Acid Lab upgrade to earn extra cash.

The latest GTA Online update should be more than enough to keep you occupied through the holidays while waiting for the subsequent parts of the latest content update to launch.