December 5, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

Leaker confirms GTA Online fast travel system in "Winter Update"

After sleuthing around the files GTA Online, dataminers found a small set of very interesting details.

Case in point, we found a set of in-game files that refer to what appears to be a new character and the return of Trevor Philips' loyal buddy, Wade. 

However, the most interesting part has to be the reference to "DOWNTOWN_CAB."

Some believe this file refers to the long-rumored fast travel system for GTA Online. 

A similar feature already exists in GTA 5 so it only makes sense to "port" it over to GTA Online.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the files we saw are indeed a part of GTA Online's fast travel system. 

Hopefully, Rockstar will release the "Winter Update" for GTA Online soon.