December 6, 2022

By Hassan Sajid

Rockstar is changing GTA Online's Shark Cards values

The Shark Cards in GTA Online has been one of the essential components of the game that has aided many players in getting ahead of their peers

Shark Cards are a premium currency of GTA Online and can be purchased using real money.

These Shark Cards are converted into in-game GTA$ that players can use to purchase several in-game items.

It seems that the Shark Cards are getting a complete overhaul, with the changes taking effect on December 9, 2022.

Rockstar will also cease Red Shark Cards. Those who have already purchased Red Shark cards previously don't have to worry, as they can still claim them at their original stated value.

The Standard Red Shark Cards will continue to have a value of GTA$ 100,000, and the GTA+ Red Shark Cards will be valued at GTA$ 115,000.

Rockstar's Support site recently published an article mentioning all the changes coming to the existing Shark Card values.