Latest Fan Theory Claims GTA 6 Teased By GTA 5 Next-Gen Trailer

September 18, 2021

By Aron Gerencser

Fans are loud about wanting GTA 6 news.

Recent months even saw fans pull stunts on television to coax some news out of Rockstar.

Now, some think the latest Expanded and Enhanced trailer had a hint.

The GTA community latched onto a license plate that briefly pops up during the trailer.

The plate reads "61SAL890" which some fans have partitioned up as "6 1S A L8 90".

The assumption here is that Rockstar snuck a hint about GTA 6's setting into the trailer, revealing that the game will take place during the late 90's.

It's a bit early to start dropping hints like this.

Leaks and insiders can't seem to agree on what the game's setting will be.

Either way, we suspect that any actual official hints regarding GTA 6 are still a long way away.

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