March 6, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

Insider "confirms" DLC content for Grand Theft Auto 6

Leakers are busy scouring the internet for more info about the next installment in the best-selling video game franchise.

In particular, an insider seems to have unearthed more info on the next GTA game. 

According to the source, GTA 6 is currently planned to be out by holiday 2024 but Rockstar is thinking of pushing it back to early 2025.

The same source is saying that Rockstar wants GTA 6 to be out no later than holiday 2025 let alone 2026.

According to the insider, GTA 6 might be released incomplete because Rockstar would rather cut content from it to meet the current deadline.

The good news is that Rockstar will release the "cut" content in the future as DLCs for GTA 6.

If Rockstar wants to release the next GTA game by early 2025, it will likely get an official reveal sometime later this year.