Heist Month Continues With Doomsday GTA Online Bonuses

November 13, 2021

By Aron Gerencser

It's the second week of Heist Month in Grand Theft Auto Online.

This time around The Doomsday Heist gets some time in the spotlight.

Playing any Doomsday Scenario Finale will earn you double the usual RP and GTA$.

Completing all three will land you a one-time bonus payout of GTA$ 500,000.

Completing any Doomsday Scenario Finale will unlock the exclusive Atomic Motorsport Livery for the Sultan RS Classic.

The Wasted! Tee will be added to every players' in-game wardrobe simply for logging in.

The Banshee Racing Livery is also a log-in unlock, celebrating the car that's been in every GTA game since 3.

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