September 27, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

GTA Online player becomes a billionaire from AFK farming

It's not easy to make money in GTA Online, but the game does give you plenty of options to rack in-game cash and have a lot of money.

However, GTA Online also has just as many ways to get you to spend your hard-earned cash as it does ways for you to earn them, which makes it terribly difficult to save money in GTA Online.

Of course, difficult doesn't mean impossible, as a player has managed to save up more than a billion in GTA Online all by doing "nothing". 

According to the player, their billion-dollar savings in GTA Online comes from going "AFK on security cams to max nightclub earn."

The same player then reveals that it took them 18,000 hours over more than two years to earn such a significant sum in GTA Online. 

This meant that the player had to spend 24 hours a day for over 2 years to make a billiion from AFK Farming in GTA Online.

Given how expensive the light bill is these days, AFK Farming in GTA Online isn't as lucrative as this player makes it sound, but hey, at least they got a billion out of it.