March 2, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

Rockstar addresses security issues in GTA Online with February 28 update

Rockstar Games released an update for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online at the end of the last month.

It doesn't bring new content to the games, but title update 1.66 is still important.

Title update 1.66 is available to in GTA Online and GTA 5 across all platforms and adds a new layer of security following the exploit found earlier this year.

The title update is assuring all players that the developers are doubling down on security to make sure it doesn't happen again.

A highlight of the new latest title update for GTA Online is a "new data protocol in GTA Online" aiming to "improve the security of network sessions and player-to-player messaging."

Between security patches and the improved game stability and performance across all of its supported platforms, GTA Online players have plenty of reasons to log back in. 

GTA Online is one of Rockstar's biggest money makers and will likely continue to rake in a ton in revenue for the foreseeable future.