September 13, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

GTA Online Casino player has earned millions just from playing Blackjack

They say that gambling is a zero-sum game.

Just don't tell that to one GTA Online player, who recently went viral after posting a photo of how much he's earned in the game.

While most people make a lot of money stealing or missions in GTA Online, this particular user has gamed the casinos.

So far, the user has earned $35.7 million in GTA Online and a huge chunk of it is from gambling, specifically Blackjack.

According to the user, they've made roughly around $35.1 million by playing Blackjack in GTA Online.

Their strategy for Blackjack in GTA Online is simple "believe in yourself" and "always double down".

This just goes to show just how much GTA Online has become a legit facsimile of real life.