April 27, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

GTA Online April 27 update welcomes The Last Dose Hard Mode Event

It's a new week and this means that there's a new GTA Online Weekly Update.

A selection of events, bonuses, as well as prizes, are available for us to collect in GTA Online.

Starting April 27, you'll be able to spend lavishly on a new and wide selection of automobiles and you'll be able to get some at a massive discount.

The main highlight arguably is the bevvy of free stuff you can get for completing missions that are part of The Last Dose Hard Mode Event.

For example, the Micro SMG is waiting for you after you clear all missions in The Last Dose on Hard difficulty.

A handful of cars are also on a discount as part of the April 27 GTA Online Update.

Finally, the multi-floor garage via the Dynasty 8 in-game website is available at a huge 30% discount.