January 14, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

GTA 6 announcement trailer details leaked by YouTuber

GTA fans want nothing more than to get news about the said game.

Now, one source claims they've seen the announcement trailer for GTA 6.

According to the same source, the GTA 6 reveal trailer is done and it will feature the game's two protagonists, Lucia and Jason.

The next GTA game's trailer is said to include a plane, a lizard before cutting to "Lucia in prison exercising."

If it's any consolation, this lines up with the earlier rumors about the kind of personality our protagonists are going to have.

The question now is, when are we going to hear more about GTA 6 next? 

Some say to keep an eye out at this year's Super Bowl, which is a recurring theme as far as the GTA 6 announcement goes, but hey, who knows? Maybe things are going to be different this year.