September 22, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

Decade-old GTA 5 is still outselling Saints Row

It looks like things are still the same for the dynamic between Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto.

A little less than a decade after GTA 5 first came out and hit the market, it's still outselling the latest Saints Row game.

According to the data, GTA 5 is the best-selling video game in August in Europe with around 7.7 million copies sold. 

For what it's worth, Saints Row is still the second best-selling game in Europe and in the United States last month.

Deep Silver Volition will want to see the positive from all of this as people are still buying and playing Saints Row despite the negative reviews.

Saints Row could use far more support from Deep Silver and maybe even a DLC or two if it wants to continue selling well and maybe even scratching that GTA 6 itch.

Deep Silver has at least three expansion packs planned for Saints Row that aren't DLC, but we're hoping that the studio is still thinking about adding more content to the game.