November 27, 2022

By Arthur Vanauken

Grand Theft Auto turns 25 years old

Anniversaries can often be bittersweet things, showing both how far something has come while also reminding us of good old times and how long has passed.

Grand Theft Auto has, as a franchise, turned 25 years old today on November 27, marking a quarter century since the release of the first title in the series in 1997.

Fans have been in for a wild ride over the years, especially if they've been following the GTA franchise for a longer chunk of its lifetime.

Over these 25 years, the GTA franchise grew its bibliography to include 15 distinct games.

Most console generations in recent memory have their own definitive and iconic GTA experience - though some would argue that GTA 5 stretched itself out across a few too many.

Achieving true mainstream popularity decades before gaming is the common media staple of every household it is today, the reach of GTA went further than just about any other gaming brand out there.

Happy birthday, GTA!