February 27, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas characters look amazing in AI-generated art

GTA: San Andreas looks a lot better than it did in 2004 due to the recently released remaster.

However, fans are hoping that a more extensive remake is in the works.

While this isn't happening, one fan, with the help of AI, gave us a look at the realistic versions of GTA: San Andreas characters.

The creators claims to use a combination of ControlNet, Img2Img, and RealisticVision, to create realistic versions of the characters from GTA: San Andreas.

It's not quite like a full-on remake for modern platforms but the AI art teases at what could be if Rockstar Games entertains the idea.

Rockstar is busy updating GTA Online while working on GTA 6.

According to reports, GTA 6 is a step closer to launching.