February 2, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

Grand Theft Auto 6 is reportedly one step closer to launching

Fans believe Rockstar Games is closer to finishing development on the highly anticipated new GTA installment than most of us expect. 

Various sources are claiming possession of new information proving GTA 6 is further along in its development.

The same information source adds that the current existing builds of GTA 6 imply they're in a finished state already albeit lacking polishing.

The insider explains that the files for "bankrelease", "beta", and "debug", prove Rockstar is working on polishing GTA 6 to make sure it looks and plays well whenever it's released.

As a multi-platform game with a presumed online multiplayer component, GTA 6 will take a long time to polish and optimize. 

Rockstar might take at least two years to get GTA 6 across the finish line if not longer.

If nothing else, a nearly-complete GTA 6 build suggests that a reveal trailer is imminent.