Fake GTA 6 Ads Spotted On YouTube

April 22, 2022

By Aron Gerencser

For the most part it's been fake leaks regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 exploiting the seemingly boundless hype for the unannounced game.

Now, an all new attempt to take advantage of gullible fans has been reported.

Fake GTA 6 advertisements and trailers are popping up on YouTube.

These ads splice together footage from GTA 5 and other games. Fans have identified footage from The Crew, Forza, Need for Speed and Saints Row.

These ads were first reported on r/GTA6 by u/LegalWallhacks.

The purpose of these ads isn't clear, but they likely are collecting data.

Chances are that legal action will be taken soon enough and these fake ads will be removed.