Emperor Vectre Arrives In GTA Online

August 13, 2021

By Aron Gerencser

Fans of car customization are in for a treat with this week's drip feed DLC.

Grand Theft Auto Online's newest car is the perfect canvas on which to paint your automotive masterpiece.

The Emperor Vectre takes the base design of a Lexus and spices it up with several details derived from Toyota models.

Additionally, an all-new Robbery Contract is available for daring criminals-for-hire.

All Pursuit Series races and Siege Mentality matches are paying out double GTA$ and RP all week long.

Racing champs can score a free Karin Futo GTX if they win 3 Sprints every day for 4 days in a row.

This week's Test Ride cars include the brand new Emperor Vectre, the Pfister Growler which will be released next week, and the Dinka Jester RR.

Check back next week for the release of the Pfister Growler!

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