September 18, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

Dozens of GTA 6 development videos have leaked online

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the most anticipated game set to come out later this decade.

This Sunday just gone, a hacker gave everyone the shock of a lifetime.

Dozens of videos, of what's believed to be in-development footage of GTA 6, were uploaded online

It's believed that the hacker is trying to blackmail Rockstar by threatening to leak even more GTA 5 and 6 info.

TLDR; this isn't your run-of-the-mill leaker - this is a crime, committed by a criminal.

Neither Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive have officially acknowledged the data breach, but the latter has already begun DMCA'ing everything. 

We stand with the team at Rockstar Games and hope that they can get through this breach and deliver what will surely be a masterpiece.