Bikers Bonuses Storm GTA Online This Week

September 16, 2021

By Aron Gerencser

It's the end of an era.

Last week saw the release of the final drip-feed vehicle DLC acting as a follow up to Los Santos Tuners.

Rockstar Games has switched back a gear to the tried and true tradition of weekly events.

The latest focuses on Grand Theft Auto Online's Bikers.

All Document Forgery, Counterfeit Cash, and Weed MC Business sell missions are paying out double all week long.

MC Business resupply prices have been halved to even further boost those profit margins.

Other boosted ways to earn some extra cash include 3x rewards on Hasta La Vista and 2x on Bike Races.

Players logging into GTA Online this week will unlock a free black Blaine County Radio Tee.

You can also earn a free Dinka Jester RR by completing the Prize Ride Challenge.

Rounding off freebies is the Principe Lectro, which you can win by spinning the Lucky Wheel.

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