April 14, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

Be a white-collar criminal with the April 13 GTA Online update

Much has been said about how you can build a criminal empire in Los Santos. 

Most criminal activities are synonymous with shady and illegal misdeeds, Los Santos is rife with white-collar criminals who literally get away with murder.

With the GTA Online that was released on April 13, Rockstar is players to start a career as an executive criminal.

But, if you prefer to work for a bigger boss, Rockstar Games is applying a substantial increase to salaries of Bodyguards and Associates. 

The latest GTA Online update comes on the heels of Rockstar recently settling a lawsuit with GTA modders.

Rockstar Games is currently in the middle of the development of GTA 6.

The latest GTA Online update is for April 13 until April 19.