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We Wish For Zombies In GTA V This Halloween

Gta V Zombies

The possibility of upcoming DLC for GTA Online this Halloween has been a hotly discussed and debated topic among GTA fans. While the holiday has never gotten a proper content update before, and GTA V has had the opportunity to cash in on the spooky celebration before, it's always been passed over.

However, it must be considered that the USA is really invested in Halloween. It's just a big thing, almost like Dia de los Muertos in Spanish speaking regions, though with a different mentality. When GTA players are asking for DLC, you're guaranteed to have an audience. This makes it strange for Rockstar to not take advantage of the demand to further expand GTA Online. After all, we did see Independence Day DLC, right?

Another always-popular DLC question concerns the possibility of GTA V getting some zombie related content. Another open world Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption, got an entire zombie themed expansion pack, so getting some sort of zombie DLC, if only in the form of another one of Michael's forays into the movie industry, could be expected. Especially with how popular the undead have become in the media recently - any Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead fans among us?

While some might argue that zombies are severely overdone in games right now, I'm confident that with Rockstar's humor and creativity, bringing zombies to GTA V would be an immensely fun experience - regardless how they plan on raising the corpses.


With rumors of a zombie update circulating some months back, Halloween seems like the perfect time to break out the undead card and give GTA players some gory goodness. If we'd get a few new zombie themed Freemode Events too, it would be even better, considering how the 1.29 update was preparing GTA Online for new DLC anyway.

Would you guys want to see zombies in GTA V?


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