Watch The Failure Of A GTA V Killer In This Editor Short

Remember the video we posted some weeks ago that showed a group of ten GTA Online players lined up before a train, with vehicles of varying size, in order to test what it takes to stop the speeding locomotive? The train plowed through them like they were made of paper, sending the smaller cars flying across the map, and simply crushing and pushing the larger ones before it.


That same group has since also attempted the same thing inside a tunnel, and while the force of the train sent everyone flying again, the constrained space in the tunnel absolutely broke the game’s physics. Keep in mind that the train in GTA V is an unstoppable, infernal machine and a herald of death.


Since the release of the PC version of GTA V players have had access to the Rockstar Editor, a special gameplay recording and video editing suite developed specifically to facilitate high quality works of cinematography to be produced in the GTA V engine. The Rockstar Editor has been used to make countless videos and short films of outstanding quality, as well as some of a more… questionable nature.

The particular video embedded above, however, falls into the first category. With not much by way of story, it carries high visually artistic values. The video follows the escape of the suspect of a robbery gone wrong, and his unfortunate demise which is shown at the opening of the short.


With a low saturation, dark color scheme, unique angles and shots, following the chase through security cameras or on a news report, the video is visually evoking and varied, immediately immersing you in its dread atmosphere. In the end, it is revealed that the fiery carnage of the opening shot was in fact caused by the GTA V universe’s marauding angle of death.


Have you ever had an unfortunate run-in with the feared train of GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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