Watch A Chicken’s Daring Escape In GTA V Video

We never thought we’d see GTA V used as a conduit for anti-food industry animal cruelty campaigning, but it has happened, and has been done really darn well.

Somehow, the vast majority of Rockstar Editor videos that make the rounds of the gaming press are recreations of famous scenes or trailers of popular TV series or films. Rarely do we see any reports regarding any original content made with the Editor, however we ourselves do occasionally write about such videos.


One we’re going to look at today is a surprisingly nuanced creation, with at least three levels to it. The basic premise is that one of the chickens in the Cluckin’ Bell (GTA V’s in-universe McDonalds) manufacturing plant mounts an escape, but is discovered by a particularly aggressive and violent worker who attempts to capture the bird.

The whole thing is edited together marvelously, showing that the creator has quite some proficiency with film-making. At first, the whole video seems extremely nonsensical and just-for-the-fun-of-it, with the chicken sneaking around the plant, and encountering a worker with an extremely over-the-top psychopathic  voice, who also happens to be hyper aggressive and comically evil.

Then, on second thought, coupled with the real-life footage of the conditions in an actual chicken manufacturing plant, you’d think this is an overly heavy handed propaganda video, with the humans being the obvious antagonists, so far as to being portrayed as deranged brutes. The idyllic and somewhat cheesy ending shot with the chicken looking out into the world and seeing a dog happily running free in nature also supports this.


However, most of these things can be viewed as exaggerations for the sake of comedic effect. Overall, this GTA V video is just a lighthearted little creative caper which happens to also have a message, however it isn’t ramming it down your throat Greenpeace style.

Have you guys ever explored the Cluckin’ Bell facility in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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