Want To Get Hacked In GTA V Singleplayer?

Odd question, right? Why the heck would anyone want to get hacked, in GTA V's single player mode no less?


GTA Online hacking was quite the issue a while back until Rockstar regained the upper hand in the situation by introducing some new anti-cheat methods that are extremely hard to crack. However, before this new anti-hacking measure was implemented by the developers, all sorts of dastardly cheats (i.e. not the OK ones) were being used to mess with the good folk of GTA Online. These hacks involved causing the victim to endlessly spawn money, or have a copy of themselves with green hair piggy back riding them, spawning endless hostile NPCs.

However, if you have some weird virtual Stockholm syndrome, are mad, or just plain old bored, you might be missing the inconveniences caused by the people who need to resort to hacks (for whatever reason, but usually out of plain boredom themselves). And if you're one of these people, first of all, what the f*ck!? Second of all, we have a mod that caters to your specific and weird needs.


The GTA Online Hack Simulator brings hackers to the single player mode of Grand Theft Auto 5. Basically, there are eight frequent hack effects plus a "safe" option. One of the total nine options is randomly rolled every minute, and the resulting effect will last of the same duration.

These effects involve randomly getting swatted, tazed, having money infinitely spawn from your body, exploding, and a geyser sprouting right under you. Add to this windmills and UFOs and you have the full range of annoying and dangerous hack effects that you could have been subjected to in GTA Online (back when hackers reigned supreme). So yeah, you can get hacked by NPCs in GTA V's story mode.

Do you guys get the appeal behind this particular GTA V mod?

Aron Gerencser
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