The Vysser Neo Speeds Into GTA Online

Rockstar Games has a lot to celebrate.

One week after the release of the huge Diamond Casino & Resort DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online, it's been revealed that the game has enjoyed the highest number of players on both a daily and a weekly basis since release. You guys really love the new content it seems, so you'll be overjoyed to learn that there's more of it!

Today marks the release of an all-new vehicle in GTA Online. The sleek and futuristic Vysser Neo sports car is the perfect ride for any high-roller who frequently visits the Diamond - and it has a price tag to match. For just GTA$ 1,875,000 this luxury car can be yours.


While your first reaction might be to hit the tables in order to win enough cash for the ride, there's another method available to earn big this week, and you don't need to rely on luck. All Casino Story Missions pay out double RP and GTA$ this week. Remember, the first time you complete all 6 co-op missions, you get a tidy bonus, but the 2x rewards make them worth playing even if this isn't your first rodeo.

All players who log into GTA Online this week will also receive a new limited edition piece of clothing to show off their gambling addiction appreciation of the Diamond's services. The Vintage Diamond tee hearkens back to the Casino's past with a nice retro print.

There's a new car spinning in the lobby too - replacing the Truffade Thrax which was added with the Casino DLC is the Grotti Turismo Classic. You have exactly 7 tries (unless you use the internet disconnection trick) to get a free Turismo Classic with the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond.

The Casino Store, which lets you exchange chips for artwork and clothing, has new stock this week. You can purchase even more exquisite works of art to decorate your penthouse with, as well as the chic Knit High Roller Jacket and the flashy Gold Kronos Tempo Watch.

If you have linked your Twitch Prime account with your Rockstar Social Club account, but missed out on the previous free Penthouse promo, don't worry - it has been extended for another 72 hours. Additionally, Twitch Prime members will get special discounts on the Khanjali and the Thruster, as well as 10% off on top of all regular discounts.

Aron Gerencser
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