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Voice Actor Claims Involvement In Future GTA Content

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Is it Grand Theft Auto Online DLC, is it extra content for Expanded and Enhanced, is it GTA 6, or is it fake?

These are, give or take, the possible answers to what the newest piece of news in the fandom is actually about, as a voice actor has claimed to be hired by Rockstar for a GTA project with a trailer releasing soon.

Dave Jackson, a voice actor whose relative obscurity makes him a good fit for Rockstar's preferred hiring policies, has recently posted about being hired for the role of police chief Captain McClane in the "new Grand Theft Auto series". He definitely doesn't mean a TV show here, just upcoming GTA content.

When reached out for further comment Jackson clarified that he doesn't actually know much more - not even what game the voice lines are for, calling the process "pretty cloak and dagger". This lines up with what we know about Rockstar and the industry in general. Not telling actors much about their respective projects is a leak prevention tactic, one that Rockstar used in the past for GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Jackson also stated that a trailer is due 'soon' for whatever it is he's working on. Since the latest credible insider scoops paint a pretty bleak picture of when we can expect GTA 6 to launch - years from now, that is - the next main game in the franchise won't be getting trailers anytime soon. This leaves GTA Online DLC, or the next-gen port.

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We know that Expanded and Enhanced, the name of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 version of GTA 5, will have additional content that could involve new characters. Similarly, we usually get a big expansion for GTA Online at the end of each year, which involves new voiced characters. Captain McClane, probably a Die Hard reference, could appear in either - and these are likely to get trailers soon.

Of course, it is also possible that Dave Jackson isn't involved with any GTA project at all, and this is a hoax - however, there is a reason why actors don't go claiming to be involved with popular projects they're not. That said, revealing McClane's name is probably an NDA breach and Rockstar might just fire Jackson for the post.

The next handful of months is going to be busy for GTA - Expanded and Enhanced drops November 11, GTA Online is going standalone, we're due a major expansion in the holiday season, and the Remastered Trilogy will launch possibly early next year.


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