Visual Guide to Non-Rare GTA Online Vehicles to Sell

Selling vehicles to Los Santos Customs is one of the primary ways to make money in GTA Online, and vehicle guides are a great help when it comes to making sure you get the most money for your efforts. As a change from the standard text guides, one fan has created (and recently updated) a visual guide to the highest-priced GTA Online vehicles, excluding rare ones.

Gta V Nonrare Vehicles

This guide, pictured above, shows the top 25 non-rare vehicles you can steal and sell, along with their prices. The creator has said on Reddit that although a few vehicle names are listed incorrectly, all of the prices should match the pictured vehicles.

While there are other ways to earn money, and some of the prices on the lower end of this scale may not be lucrative enough to seek out the vehicles, this guide should be a handy resource to both GTA Online newcomers and longtime fans interested in increasing their profits.


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Samantha Lienhard
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