Vice City Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

Thanks to a well-versed modder genius by the name of NTAuthority, people can make new locations and entire maps for GTA V with the FiveM tool. And in fact, attempts at porting the cities of earlier installments in the series have already been made with mixed success.

Gta Map

With locales from the original Grand Theft Auto game (yup, the very first one in the series), from the London Mission Pack, from GTA 3 and GTA IV, the modding community has gone mad with the plethora of opportunities this new tool opens up. The most recent, and by far most detailed mod, is the one which converted Vice City from the GTA game of the same name into high-res goodness.

Vicecity Boat


Though the city is devoid of all life save other vehicles, it must be pointed out that this is very much a work in progress. As the models have been lifted directly from GTA: Vice City, we still get the blocky low-poly buildings, however with some texture touch-ups and the lighting effects and vehicles brought over from the stunningly beautiful GTA V, the city looks glorious. Those who played GTA: VC will feel right at home in this iconic city.

Check out the above video to get a feel of what the finished mod might offer. There is no way to download it yet, but once the mod is done, everyone will be able to enjoy the nostalgic trip back to Vice City!

Matt Stone

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