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Vehicles We Want To See In GTA Online


GTA Online has a massive library of vehicles to choose from and players aren't restricted to just cars. Bikes, planes, helicopters, boats, tanks, buggies and more are up for grabs, provided you have the cash. Almost every update adds new vehicles to the game, and often we've gotten standalone updates adding only a new car or bike to the mix.

That said, there are still some rides we'd love to see added to the game by Rockstar which would fill the gaps in our dream garage. Ranging from mere cars that we personally like the looks of, through to whacky joke additions to specialized vehicles for the sake of novelty.

Of course, there are undoubtedly a whole lot of unique vehicles we'll miss in this post, so feel free to drop your own suggestions in the comments. They'll be featured in a follow-up post showing off the top community picks.

DeLorean DMC-12

Delorean Dmc

We don't even mean the Back to the Future mod version here, but a standard, actual DMC-12. Car enthusiasts who like the look of older models would definitely be all over this idea too, and the car could have a Benny's version where it's modded to look similar to the time machine kit from the movie. Thing is, a car like this has already appeared in the GTA franchise - the Deluxo in GTA Vice City was based on this ride.

Lamborghini Egoista


The anti-supercar elitist in me is somewhat cringing here, and personally I sure as hell wouldn't drive this thing in GTA Online, but we all have to admit it fits the theme of the game perfectly. As the name suggests, this is the perfect ride for a self-centered rich criminal kingpin, meaning it would be right up the alley of any character in Online. And it wouldn't look at all out of place in one of those executive garages either. That said, this might become the new "I'm 12 and have neons on my car" mobile instead of the Zentorno.

1967 Mercury Cougar


Though a touch of the 1977 Cougar can be seen in the Virgo, we're particularly a fan of the 1967's design, especially on the front of the vehicle. Obviously this ride would hardly be a speedy one, but rather a collector's item for the enthusiasts among the players, or just people who like the way it looks.

1973 Datsun 240Z


Another ride with unique shaping that could definitely be a fine addition to the classic lineup of GTA Online. In the real world, this ride is mostly overlooked by classic car collectors and is rather a niche item, which we see it continuing in Online.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


In an attempt not to fill this list with just classics and super high-end rides, here is a relatively common, run of the mill, mid-range vehicle which looks really damn nice. Alfas have a nice, unique and instantly recognizable design which has somehow not appeared in GTA 5 at all. The only car which takes a design cue from these is the aptly named Alpha, however only in a minor way.

Renault Trezor


Why list a concept supercar when GTA 5 is already overflowing with these things? Well, the Trezor stands out from the crowd, but not with looks. The special gimmick here is that instead of using doors, the entire top canopy folds forward, including the hood. If nothing else, getting into this thing would be a looker. Too bad DLC vehicles no longer make it into single player (except with mods), because we could have a Trevor in a Trezor.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2016


Part of me found the idea of good-looking "working" cars to be a bit of a foolish thing, since they're going to get very dirty, and very likely scratched all over anyway. Putting that aside, the 2016 Ranger is a great looking car, and GTA 5 is a bit light on pickups anyway, so one more couldn't hurt to pad out that particular category.



Stepping away from regular, run of the mill vehicles, one of the first unconventional methods of transport that came to mind was the iconic Blackbird stealth aircraft. Since GTA 5 already has a healthy amount of military vehicles, and a military DLC has been hotly requested by the community (we don't yet know if gunrunning will qualify), we don't feel that this would be out of place. A decent alternative would be the B-2 stealth bomber.



In a similar vein, the A-10 Warthog would be a great addition. This is what happens when you first design a big-ass gun, and then slap a plane around it afterwards. Many say the A-10 looks ugly, but if you ask us it looks straight up intimidating, and it can cause some serious damage. The design of the plane is iconic and unique to boot, and we'd sure love hunting Hydras in this thing.

Apache Attack Helicopter


Actually, this vehicle is among the most likely to be actually added to the game since it was part of GTA 5 prior to launch. The Hunter attack heli was based on the Apache, and appeared in previous GTA games. An updates version appeared in a GTA 5 trailer, but eventually the vehicle was cut from the game for whatever reason. We'd love to see it reinstatedin a future update, like some of the cut vehicles that were added with heists.

ZIL Punisher


This relatively new and wholly unique military vehicle hailing from Russia has been modded into the single player of GTA 5's PC version already, but we'd love an official rendition added for Online use. This thing is basically a tank with large windows which somehow manage to not be glaring structural weak points. The Punisher may look like it drove off the set of some sci-fi war movie, but these rides are being used in the world today.

V-22 Osprey


The twin-rotor Osprey VTOL helicopter is another unique and iconic aircraft that could expand the current lineup of helicopters in the game, which is pretty run-of-the-mill aside from the Cargobob. The Osprey would introduce variety to the category, and it could be differentiated in functionality as well by increasing the number of players one of these could fit compared to the current maximum.

Solar Car


Want to jump into one of these lightweight, fragile and uncomfortable cars for the sake of novelty alone? Since fuel doesn't factor into GTA 5's gameplay, really the only thing that would set these things apart would be the lack of an engine sound and that even a slight breeze would likely cause them to break apart. But hey, at least you'll look like you care about the environment, right? On a serious note, in spite of GTA Online's large vehicle library, there isn't too much categorial variety, and adding something like this really would be worth it just for novelty's sake.


Glider E

Now, this might be too small or too insignificant a vehicle to be something you store in a garage or have delivered with Pegasus, but rather we'd like to see it added into Freeroam as something that just spawns and is available for players to hop into. Planes often draw a lot of attention to themselves and just beg for players to attack them, however gliders might offer a more low-key method of taking flight in Los Santos and Blaine County. Motorized versions may be thrown into the mix too for good measure.



The hovercraft is an awesome vehicle and not just because it would add variety to both land and sea. Hovercrafts work by creating a "cushion" of air under themselves and essentially float making them feel a whole lot more futuristic than they have any right to be. Plus, the franchise is no stranger to them - the Vortex in GTA: San Andreas was a single seater hovercraft, and we could see it making a return.



Better known as an airboat, these vehicles are flat-bottomed ships with a massive propeller on the end providing propulsion. The name comes from the location they are most frequently used, and while GTA 5's map is hardly swampy, we can imagine these things zipping about the Alamo Sea and the vast ocean surrounding the map. If you ever tried assaulting a yacht during Piracy Prevention with one of these, the defenders might laugh themselves to death.



We never did get an official explanation as to why the Atomic Blimp has been cut from the multiplayer portion of GTA 5, but we'd still love it being added to Freeroam - better yet, allow for multiple to be in a session at any given time. Blimps offer massive, slow moving targets for the people on the ground, but things get even more interesting when the Blimps go up against each other. New race mode anyone?

Mobile Home


This is kind of a next logical step for GTA Online's evolution in many ways. Inspired by the lavish luxury mobile homes seen on the web, this could be the next super-expensive item addition. Like yachts, these could come in tiers and would have customization options available, but unlike yachts, you could actually drive them instead of just teleporting between preset locations.

Dodge Tomahawk


This absolutely badass looking bike is the definition of metal music genre on wheels. The bike is incredibly robust and essentially an oversized engine with two wheels attached to either end. The entire design just bellows raw power, and we'd love to see Rockstar's take on this iconic design.

Emergency Vehicles


Okay, this is more like an entire category rather than a single vehicle wish, but it's still valid, and particularly topical after players being recently locked out of police cars in all cases. We're not just talking police cars either, but ambulances and firetrucks too. Players could own these rides, which are tapped into their respective radio systems, opening new missions for players such as responding to 911 calls yourself and seizing weapon shipments, going out to accidents only to harvest organs from the victims (unless this is too dark for GTA) and going out to burning builds to rob them before putting out the fire.



Rumors and fake discoveries of the jetpack in the game have been floating around for ages, with most rumors tying the jetpack to the Mt. Chiliad mystery that remains unsolved to this day. The jetpack is San Andreas' most iconic vehicles, and GTA 5 really could adapt it for the HD era. The players have diligently been hunting for this easter egg for over three years now, which really should earn them some kind of reward, right? We're not saying just hand it over on a DLC platter - why not sneak it into the game undocumented so that players discover it on their own?


GTA Online already boasts an incredibly large and varied library of vehicles, so really, adding any of these would just be the cherry on top of the cake at this point. However, we know Rockstar won't be ceasing DLC support for the game anytime soon, which means we're still going to be getting a whole lot more vehicles. Remember to drop your own suggestions in the comments if you want to see them in our follow-up post!

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