Jump Into a Variety Of GTA Online Bonuses This Week

Usually, event weeks in Grand Theft Auto Online tend to follow some loose theme or structure. This week though, the order of things has been kicked to the curb with Rockstar Games offering players a broad variety of wholly different activities to dig into instead, allowing everyone to find a well paying game mode to their tastes.

First on our list this week is the classic and remixed Sumo Adversary Mode. The mechanics are straightforward, the matches are short and sweet - you and three other players are in cars atop a floating platform. There are no guard rails. Your job? Be the last crook standing. Whether you achieve this by pushing off everyone else or simply surviving while your opponents do the work for you, you'll receive your just reward all the same - triple the just reward, actually.


The more commercially minded rebels among you will find greater satisfaction and reward in Bikers Businesses Sell Missions, which are already by default one of the best paying activities in the game, and an important element of the best money making methods in GTA Online. This week, they're paying out double GTA$ and RP.

Typically the saying goes "go big or go home", but the third activity in this week's selection of bonuses begs to differ. RC Bandito Races, switch the high-octane supercars for tiny remote controlled buggies, are paying out double rewards all week long as well. If you prefer time trials, worry not - both regular and RC Time Trials are also dishing out 2x rewards.

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Next Tuesday is 4/20, an event highly venerated by the average GTA Online player and still falling into this cycle of bonuses. Players who log into the game that day will unlock a number of exclusive items entirely for free, including the High Flyer Parachute Bag, Green Tire Smoke, Green Space Horror Suit, Fake Vapid T-Shirt and Black Rockstar Camo & White Rockstar Camo Shirt.

Available all week long, however, is the Vapers Den Tee, which is a returning log-in reward. If you already own this clothing item or unlock it at any point before next Tuesday, logging in on 4/20 will also unlock a special exclusive Aged variant of it, adding to the already long list of weedy giveaways. These freebies aren't the end of it, either. On the big day, any trip to Cayo Perico will be worth it even more, as the weed looted from the island will be worth twice its usual price.

Joining the Vapers Den Tee as week-long giveaways is the Dark X-Ray Emissive Mask, while a pre-customized Albany V-STR with a camo livery is spinning on the Diamond's podium, waiting for you to claim it with a fortunate Lucky Wheel spin.

Weekly discounts include 40% off on the Progen PR4, Ocelot R88, RC Bandito, Invade And Persuade Tank, while the Armored Kuruma is half-price and you can pick up the Grotti Brioso 300 is discounted by 30%.


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