Valentine’s Day Massacre Special is Out for GTA Online


The other day we let you know about the new update for GTA Online that pays homage to both Valentine’s Day and the 1920s, the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special. We’re pleased to announce that it’s now available, and we’ve got some new details for you, too.

In addition to the new weapon, vehicle, and clothes this content comes with, it also has brought ten new jobs to GTA Online. These jobs include “Shotgun Wedding,” a shotgun-centric Deathmatch around the Paleto Bay church, “Vinewood Tours,” in which players race their cars and bikes in laps around Vinewood and Rockford Hills, “Heart Breaker,” an off-road bike race on a track shaped like a heart, and many more. Rockstar also mentioned the “Property Values” Deathmatch, the “Creek” Parachuting, and the “Motorboating” Sea Race.

For members of the Social Club, Rockstar announced a Social Club Event Weekend for the Valentine’s Day Massacre. It will involve RP bonuses, Crate Drops, and a live stream, among other features Rockstar has yet to give details on.

Additionally, the Rat Loader vehicle is available again, so if you want it, you should access the in-game website, before it disappears with the next update.

The update also fixed several glitches and implemented the ability for solo players to earn GTA money from Races.

The new content from the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special will be available until the end of February. If you get it any time in between now and then, you can keep it forever.

So, are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day wreaking havoc in Los Santos? Let us know your plans!

Trevor Phillips
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