Using GTA V Trainers Made Easier With Android App

No, you can't use this online. Go away. Shoo.


Now, for the honest (only cheating in single player) players among you, this might be interested in this little mod/app for GTA V. Somewhat similar to the mod which allowed you to use your actual smartphone to control the in-game phone menu, this app in turn allows you to alter the setting and control a trainer for GTA V. This makes the use of cheats all the more convenient whilst your are on one of your chaotic destruction romps around Los Santos and Blaine County. And by the way, if you are looking for a simple app to display the cheat codes for GTA V on your mobile, you can go past our own app for Android and iOS!



Trainers are downloaded files which are integrated with a game, and work as cheat-packs which give the user access to a number of features and abilities which they are typically denied. These trainers usually unlock developer tools and also add some other miscellaneous settings which make the game easier or provide the player with more backstage control. The usual culprits are item/vehicle/prop/character spawning privileges, invincibility, stat editing, teleportation, triggering in-game events, viewing invisible stats, and more. Such trainers have been in popular use by GTA players since the days of GTA III, and GTA V is not different. However, typically the trainers either had no in-game interface at all, or were extremely rudimentary.

This mod however eliminates the need for an in-game interface all together. Using ScriptHookV and a Java Server, this mod allows the user to control a full trainer suite straight from their Android smart phone, without the need to interrupt the game itself. With a user-friendly interface, this Remote Trainer, as it is called, makes the spawning of vehicles and activation of cheats a quick, simple and easy experience. For those of you who were interested in trainers in order to enhance your single player experience, but were dissuaded by the numerous pitfalls or inconvenience, this mod is for you.

Do any of you guys use a trainer for GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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