Update 1.16 Adjusts Payouts, Expands Lester’s Abilities, and More

GTA V miljet

As we reported yesterday in our announcement of the San Andreas Flight School Update, today’s update to GTA V and GTA Online has brought with it new features as well as fixes. Now that it’s out, the full list of changes in Update 1.16 has been revealed.

The Flight School content itself includes 10 flying lessons, four new vehicles (the Buckingham Mil-jet, the Western Besra, the Buckingham Swift helicopter, and the Invetero Coquette Classic, which also comes in a roofless version), reserve parachutes, 6 new parachute canopies, 25 “flags of the world” parachute bags for GTA Online, a Flight Suit Outfit, and a Flight Suit Cap. It has also brought 8 VS Mode jobs, 4 Parachute jobs, 8 Races, and 2 Capture jobs.

Four older jobs have also been reactivated: Stocks and Scares, Chemical Extraction, Rich Men in Richman, and Hack and Dash.

The update introduces new features and tweaks. Among the most notable are the payout changes. When you complete a Contact Mission, you’ll receive the full cash reward even if you’re replaying it. If you play a Contact Mission with friends, you’ll earn an additional 10% for each additional player.

Another change that has met with great approval from fans is the expansion of Lester’s abilities. Previously, “Remove Wanted Level,” “Cop Turn Blind Eye,” and “Off Radar” only affected the player who used them. Now, they apply to everyone in the vehicle.

There are more minor changes, as well as numerous bug and glitch fixes that should really smooth out your GTA Online experience. Take a look at the full patch notes from Rockstar and let us know what you’re the most excited about.

Samantha Lienhard
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