Upcoming GTA V Mods To Keep An Eye On

Yesterday we looked at some of the best or most fun mods available for GTA V right now. These mods were just a few of the droves upon droves of mods available for the game, which keep the experience fresh, and add to the mayhem.


However, just like developing games, making mods of this caliber is difficult, especially considering most mods are the work of a one-man team, and instead of working with their own code, they need to get acclimatized to the ins, outs and quirks of Rockstar’s code in order to not break the game completely. These mods do see the light of day before becoming publicly available, in order to show off the modder’s prowess before the eager players jump in to discover a multitude of bugs, since more ambitious mods only ever reach a vaguely stable state rather late in their life cycle.

We’ve reported on quite a few mods in the past, and many of the are still works in progress. One of our previously mentioned mods is the massive undertaking of porting Vice City into GTA V’s engine. The city itself is there, and the water and lighting effects are that of GTA V, as well as the vehicles, however the city is devoid of life, and the textures/models still need a bit of work. Soon, the mod will be freely available for all to enjoy, but in the mean time, we have this video:

Another rather ambitious undertaking that has gotten the media’s attention is the upcoming Los Santos Life RPG. The team working on this project, Grey’s Late Night Diner, said that the idea came from the Altis Life mod made for the extremely popular (because mods) shooter ArmA 3, which added several features that allowed players to “live a real life”. Getting a job, purchasing a house, join law enforcement – all in a military FPS. Now, Los Santos is a sprawling metropolis which already provides players with a number of every-day activities to perform, so we’re interested to see where this ambitious mod will take us.

What do you guys think about the GTA V modding community? Do you like playing fan content?

Aron Gerencser
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