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Ultimate GTA V Stunt - Flip a Semi with Trailer Reconnect


Stunts have been a major part of Grand Theft Auto V's community appeal. Stunt videos have flooded the internet since the last-gen versions of the game launched, and have only multiplied since. We post a lot to our Facebook page if you wanna check it out.

As strange as it may sound, the whole "stunt-culture" of GTA V is one of the aspects I love most. Stunt videos have been a thing in previous installments of the series, as well as in other open-world games featuring vehicles that players could drive freely, but never on the scale as seen in GTA V. Highly skilled players trying to push the vehicles to their limits, utilizing, circumventing or outright breaking the physics of the game to achieve insane stunts. The hunt for the spectacle is really quite gripping.

Here we have a few videos from a particularly accomplished stuntman by the name of BlackSmoke Billy who does some pretty crazy stunts. Seeing people show off their flips and corkscrews in sports cars is one thing, but Billy here has a penchant for the extreme.

In this first video, he does a corkscrew with a lumbering dump truck:

The lack of dirt falling off of the vehicle did make me raise an eyebrow though. Next-gen game, anyone?

Next up, the same stunt, with a semi truck and trailer attached.

The semi is his preferred stunt vehicle of choice, as you'll see later on.

Here, he does a front-flip with the beast.

Naturally, the vehicle survives the ordeal unharmed.

He also shows us the most stylish way to connect a trailer.

If you thought those were impressive, well, we still have something for you.

What may just be the most impressive stunt in GTA V history south of "threading the needle", Billy sends the semi truck and trailer flying, the trailer becomes unattached, the truck does a front/side-flip landing perfectly, and the trailer lands right on its back, re-attaching itself in the process. Check it out!


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