Übermacht Zion Classic Now Available In GTA Online

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, car collectors can treat themselves to an old classic ride, players can bask in a large selection of double reward initiatives and a log in reward, and anyone looking for good deals will be satisfied with the many discounted items.

The all new - well, 'new' - Übermacht Zion Classic can now be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This vintage 2-door coupe takes some very obvious visual cues from the first generation BMW M6. These Classic cars tend to be more popular among car collectors, since they're rarely much use in a race and are outclassed in terms of stats by most other vehicle types.

Nonetheless, the Zion Classic is a very pretty vehicle and channels that 80's BMW aesthetic perfectly. This vintage car can be yours for the relatively low price of GTA$ 812,000. That's one of the higher costs for Classic cars recently, but compared to the supers that go over GTA$ 2 million it's definitely affordable.


All players who log into GTA Online through the 25th of September will also unlock a free Übermacht tee featuring the logo in black on a white shirt. This piece of exclusive merchandise goes perfectly with the Zion Classic. Simply log in and play for a couple of minutes for the clothing item to be automatically added to your in-game wardrobe.

Nothing but the shirt is free in GTA Online, however.

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If you want to make a killing this week, here are the active double reward promotions: the Race Series is still paying out twice the usual GTA$ and RP amount, continuing on from last week, and Casino Work missions are joining in on the fun. The latter also reward you with double the number of Casino Chips alongside the usual rewards.

Ever since their introduction, VIP and CEO activities have been among the best activities for earning GTA$ in the game. VIP/CEO Work Missions and Challenges are also paying out double rewards this week, allowing the white-collar criminals of Los Santos to rake in fortunes. If you're a grunt associate, you'll also get a doubled salary.

If you're feeling lucky this week, you might want to head on over to the Diamond Casino & Resort for the chance to win an Enus Stafford. The current podium vehicle can be won by spinning the lucky wheel and getting the vehicle reward prize. While you're at the Diamond, check out the Casino Store's new stock, including the Bigness Rage Bomber and the SC Broker Logo Hoodie.

A number of great cars are discounted in GTA Online this week. If you wanted to buy a Banshee 900R, Overflod Tyrant or Pegassi Tezeract, now is the time since all three are 35% off. Other discounts include transmission upgrades, garage properties and more.

Check back next week to see what else is new in GTA Online!


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