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Two Smaller GTA Online Money Glitches Patched

White 10 car garage a.k.a white room according to the fortune

With yesterday's weekly event update bringing Survival and Arena War bonuses to Grand Theft Auto Online also came a minor patch, as usual.

These usually contain minor hotfixes and tweaks under the hood that players won't really notice, but are key for the game's smooth operation. This time, the hotfix also nuked two low-yield money glitches in the game.

As reported by reputable GTA Online dataminer TezFunz2 on Twitter, the Cashing Out dupe and the Apartment Transfer glitch are no longer working. Of the two, Cashing Out being patched will be the one that really throws a wrench into people's glitch operations since it was a fairly straight forward car duplicating glitch. Nonetheless, it didn't yield a lot of GTA$ and was rather time consuming.

The Apartment Transfer glitch was even more tedious, with a lot of complicated steps for relatively little reward. The heyday of dupe glitches being the path to a GTA Online fortune are long behind us, since the game's economy has progressed to a point where the sort of cash you make from car sales doesn't amount to much anymore. Years ago spending a hot minute on dupes had you set up for the next update - these days you need millions for the new content.

Luckily, even though these glitches are gone, making a fortune in GTA Online has never been easier. We've put together multiple money making guides that will help you make even more GTA$ in less time than with these patched glitches. The businesses augmented by the Casino Warehouse and the newer heists in particular will set you up with all the money you could need in no time. Take a look at our in-depth guide here.

Speaking of getting ready for upcoming DLCs - Rockstar is set to reveal the next big summer DLC for GTA Online soon, so you better start saving up!


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