Two New Handy GTA Online Glitches

Here's a couple of cool new glitches for GTA Online that were recently discovered. The first let your wear both sunglasses and a mask at the same time (something not usually possible), while the second will enable you to get the Mesa Jeep without having to call in the Mercenaries.

Gta Online Canis Mesa

Wear sunglasses and mask together

  1. Go to your inventory and put on pair of shades.
  2. Get in a vehicle, go your inventory and put on a mask.
  3. Get out of the vehicle and you will have the mask and the sunglasses still on!

Note that the sunglasses will also be a black sports pair with a purple lens tint. Also you cannot change them or eat a snack or the glitch will reset.

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Thanks to DRObythePounD420 of Reddit for confirming this glitch.


Call the Messa Jeep without Mercenaries

  1. First you need to join a mission called "By Land, Sea and Air" with some friends. You get the mission from Lester and need to be at least level 30.
  2. Once in it, head over the first destination and there will be some Merryweather jeeps parked around a military compound.
  3. You need to get in one of the jeeps and then let your buddies finish the mission.
  4. Once they're done, if you quit, then you'll spawn back in GTA Online in the jeep.

Thanks ballsiestredditor of Reddit for discovering this.

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