Turn GTA V Into A Train Simulator

Ever since the game's initial launch, the unstoppable, indestructible train found in Blaine County has terrorized the NPC and Player population of GTA V. Not even 10 GTA Online players lining up before the behemoth with various vehicles could give it pause. The Train has foiled the escape attempts of criminals before. It has been the bane of the existence of many a player.

And now you can control it, and more importantly derail it to all your heart's desire.



The Railroad Engineer mod for GTA V adds a wealth of new features to the game's railway infrastructure. The addition which seems most obvious with the mod is the fact that you can personally drive the various trains and trams you encounter. The mod adds two methods of access, "easy" and "realistic".

Easy will pop you in the cabin if you press the associated key anywhere near any car of the train. On the other hand realistic will have you manually enter the cabin. The acceleration and braking has been tuned to be physically accurate to how a vehicle of such mass would behave, taking all factors which are present in GTA V into account. You'll also be able to use the PA system of the train and tram, as well as control all the doors.


However the cool part of the mod is the derailment and explosions (woo!). You can manually derail the train (sweet, sweet revenge), or derailments may occur automatically. When a train is derailed, or is two trains collide, or, if, say, a train collides with a derailed train, everyone involved will go up in a fiery ball of blazing death.

The freight train will also be manned by a engineer, to whom you may issue commands. The most obvious use is to issue the derail command, and then get off the train and watch your handiwork from afar. Enjoy!

Matt Stone

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