Triple Rewards On Target Assault Races In GTA Online This Week

Say what you will about Grand Theft Auto Online (though if you are reading this we're going to assume you do like it, at least a little) but it sure cannot be faulted for not having enough things to do. Not only can you shoot things and drive cars, you can shoot things while driving cars.

This week, you can shoot things while driving cars and make a fortune, too!

Sort of. Target Assault Races challenge players not only to drive faster than the competition, but to hit various targets placed alongside the racetrack while doing so. Not the most lucrative activities normally, they are fun and challenging nonetheless.


Through the 11th of November, they're also paying out triple rewards which makes them... still not the most lucrative activities. That said, they're fun and significantly more worth your time, especially if you are a skilled player, but new enough as to not have access to the juiciest content yet!

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If you don't have a wingman handy and aren't keen on trusting either the driving or the shooting to a rando, you can always participate in some Freemode Events instead. Paying out double GTA$ and RP this week, these events spawn randomly while you are exploring the world, and challenge you to beat the scores of other players in various simple objectives.

Those players who have established themselves a little more in the business underworld of Los Santos will want to focus on Bikers Sell Missions instead. With the Nightclub Warehouse automating so much of the business gameplay, the 2X payout promo boosts profit margins immensely, so get that contraband to your customers ASAP.

All players who log into GTA Online this week will get an exclusive Skulls livery for the Mammoth Thruster jetpack, free of charge. Additionally, you can head down to the Diamond Casino and surrender your fate to chance - a free Vapid Caracara 4X4 pre-customzied with a livery can be won from the Lucky Wheel.

To make the prospect of double sales on Bikers Sell Missions even more enticing, Rockstar slashed the price on Clubhouses and Bikers Businesses by 40% this week. You can also get the Vapid Desert Raid, the Vapid FMJ, the Vapid Trophy Truck and the BF Ramp Buggy at 40% off, while the Mammoth Thruster, the HVY Barrage and the Maxwell Vigilant are 30% off.


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