Triple Rewards On Select Adversary Modes In GTA Online This Week

After the rather momentous reveal of the upcoming The Cayo Perico Heist DLC last week, things have fallen back into their usual routine around Grand Theft Auto Online. There's a new set of weekly bonuses on-going with increased rewards on select activities and a bevy of discounts flying the banner of Black Friday.

Two popular Adversary Modes, including the one we still think is the best PvP mode the game ever saw, are doling out not double but triple the usual RP and GTA$ rewards this week! Hop into a match of King of the Hill to protect your territory for points, or strap on your glowing tracksuit and enter the Grid in Deadline for a lightcycle battle.


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If you count yourself among the best racers of Los Santos, then it's time to test your mettle in Open Wheel Races. Cutting the fantastical fluff that made Stunt Races and Transform Races off-putting to the traditionalists, Open Wheel still brings something interesting to the table by taking inspiration from Formula 1 races, both in terms of tracks and cars. These races are paying out double rewards this week.

Black Friday, also known as Thanksgiving's uncomfortable consumerist appendix, has storefronts across the world trying to one-up each other with discounts and a thematic sale cannot be missed in GTA Online either - but first, free stuff!

All players logging into GTA Online will get a free Nagasaki t-shirt, and the Benefactor BR8 is on the Diamond's podium this week in keeping with the Open Wheel Races promo. Even if you don' win the new car, there are plenty others on steep discount - and in GTA Online, retailers don't jack up prices just so they can slap a large percentage discount on an item to keep profits up.

  • 30% off: Dinka Vindicator, Western Rampant Rocket, Shitzu Hakuchou Drag, Nightclub Upgrades & Modifications, Large Special Vehicle Warehouses
  • 40% off: Nightclubs, Garages, Annis RE-7B, Ocelot R88
  • 50% off: Pegassi Oppressor, Pegassi Oppressor MK II
  • 60% off: Declasse Scramjet, Imponte Ruiner 2000, Ocelot Stromberg, Principe Deveste Eight
  • 70% off: Nagasaki Shotaro, Terrorbyte & Upgrades, RM-10 Bombushka, B-11 Strikeforce, Buckingham Luxor, Buckingham Luxor Deluxe, Buckingham Swift with Flying Bravo, Buckingham Swift Deluxe


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