Earn Triple Rewards By Playing Motor Wars In GTA Online This Week

This week's Grand Theft Auto Online event definitely isn't aimed at the pacifists - though we have no clue what they'd be doing in GTA Online to begin with. You can earn big with select bonuses, win a free car from the Lucky Wheel or enjoy one of the many discounts Rockstar has prepared for us.

Interestingly, this is the first week in a long time that we don't actually get any new GTA Online content, just bonuses and discounts. Not even a free shirt for logging in! Based on past experiences, this usually means that a larger DLC is in the works. This would make sense, since we haven't had one of those in a long while.

What this week's event lacks for content, it makes up in terms of rewards bonuses - another sign of a larger DLC looming by the way - including one of the rarer triple payout promotions. Motor Wars is rewarding players with 3x the GTA$ and RP they usually earn from playing the mode.


Hardest Target and Power Play also join the list of Adversary Modes with bonuses applied, but these two "only" provide double rewards. If they're more up your alley gameplay-wise, you can still earn some good GTA$. Business Battles, as well as VIP/CEO Work, also pay out double rewards, so the typical GTA$ farming routine based around Sightseer is even more lucrative for a limited time. Bodyguards and Associates also earn double salaries.

Alongside some new artwork appearing in the Casino Store, the main reason to head down to the Diamond is to try your fortune at the Lucky Wheel. This week's podium vehicle is the Benefactor Krieger, a German hypercar that's as much a companion in races as it is during heated getaways.

There is also a massive 35% sale covering most of Pegassi's most desirable vehicles, including classics such as the Zentorno, and newer additions like the Tezeract and Reaper. The Oppressor is included in the discounts as well, but not the Mk. II. You can also pick up Executive Offices and their various upgrades at 40% off, while Special Cargo Garages are half price.

Aron Gerencser
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