Triple Rewards On Land Races And More In GTA Online This Week

Rockstar really isn't messing around with the selection of activities in Grand Theft Auto Online paying out more than the usual amount this week. Between these bonuses ,geared to fatten everyone's wallets, and the successfully cleared Heist Challenge, it's only a matter of time before the end-of-year Heist DLC is finally announced and released.

Oh, don't forget about the just revealed map expansion too.

Usually, we get one or two activity types each week with a double reward bonus slapped on. Sometimes we get one where the rewards are tripled, or we get a selection of three activities and those are already pretty noteworthy. This week? This week we get two 3x reward bonuses and three 2x reward bonuses. Strap in!

First up, all Land Races are paying out triple rewards, so break out your best cars, put on those jumpsuits and get ready to burn rubber. With all the focus on more and more outlandish racing types like Stunt Races and Transform Races, sometimes it's necessary to dial back the wack and have a good old fashioned realistic race.


Recently Rockstar decided to finally make those big expensive Yachts worth something other than simply unlocking Piracy Prevention. They added Superyacht Life missions, brought to you by Captain Brendan Darcy. These missions are now paying out triple rewards, making it possible to actually break even on the investment of the yacht in the first place.

If you like a little narrative in your GTA Online, you can hop into a series of relatively new Contact Missions from Gerald's Last Play, paying out double the usual GTA$ and RP. Also dishing out double rewards is the Diamond Adversary Series and the Running Back Remix Adversary Mode this week.

Remember that Heist Challenge announced last week? Rockstar revealed the results, and unsurprisingly the community managed to smash the GTA$ 100 Billion goal - more surprising is the absolute magnitude of your victory.

Players managed to steal over GTA$ 1 Trillion over the course of the past week, so every participant will be getting a badge of honor, and come December the free vehicle will be available.

Speaking of free vehicles, you can pick up an Överflöd Autarch at no cost to you by spinning the Lucky Wheel over at the Diamond Casino once each day! The Blue Dot Tech Mask is also a freebie, unlocked by simply logging into GTA Online sometime this week.

Make the most of the triple rewards bonus on A Superyacht Life missions by picking up a Galaxy Superyacht at 30% off. All yacht modifications and upgrades are also 30% off, as are other boats. You can pick up the Truffade Thrax at a 30% discount, while the Progen T20, the Dinka Sugoi and all laser weapons are 40% off.

Aron Gerencser
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