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Triple Rewards For Aerial Combat Modes In GTA Online This Week

If you're an ace pilot, Rockstar Games was thinking of you when picking this week's Grand Theft Auto Online bonuses. You can also earn a beer hat - not advisable apparel when in the cockpit - and pick up some sweet items and vehicles on discount. There's free GTA$ on offer too!

You can rack up three times the usual rewards with various aerial modes and activities, so put on your jumpsuit and open up the Top Gun soundtrack on YouTube. Stockpile, Air Force Zero, Top Fun and Smuggler's Run Sell Missions all pay out triple through the 15th of April.

The Smuggler's Run Sell Missions are undoubtedly the most lucrative of the activities on offer. If you want to make the most of these missions, which run in the same vein as most of the business style sell missions, check out our guide.

Usually the cars spinning on the podium at the Diamond are flashy, expensive and luxurious, but they're rarely as practical and useful as this week's vehicle reward. Players have the chance to win an Imponte Deluxo from the Lucky Wheel, GTA Online's very own flying car.

Remember, logging into GTA Online anytime during April will receive GTA$500,000 for free within 48 hours of playing. We're guessing most of you have a lot more time to play during the current health crisis, but if you're an essential employee with a heightened workload, make sure to just log in once quickly to secure your free cash.

If you have time to complete some Daily Objectives, you stand to receive additional rewards. This week only, completing 10 Daily Objectives will award you with an extra GTA$ 1,000,000 on top of the giveaway, as well as a J Lager Beer Hat.

Since aerial combat is in focus this week, the discounts reflect that as well. Hangars and all of their modifications and upgrades are 60% off all week, as is the P-996 Lazer jet. Meanwhile the Buzzard Attack Chopper, the Benefactor Schalgen GT and the Principe Deveste Eight are half price.


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