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Triple RP and GTA$ On Hotring Circuit In GTA Online

Once again Rockstar is offering better bonuses than usual in the leadup to the highly anticipated Casino DLC. Last week we already saw some triple reward promotions and a wide range of activities that paid more than usual. Tripling down on the triple rewards, three different activities pay out big bucks this week.

The first activity on the 3x RP and GTA$ menu is the Hotring Circuit. Introduced in the Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series, GTA Online's most obnoxiously named DLC, the Hotring Circuit Races bring NASCAR style competitions to the game. All races in this category pay out triple rewards.

If the pro circuit isn't your style, you can hop into the petite Weeny Issi Classic and take part in the races named after the car, all of which make use of its diminutive size in some creative ways. If a car skimping on leg space as much as possible is somehow still too big for you, the RC Bandito Races are the third group of activities paying out triple rewards.

But then, Casinos are all about spending money, and if that's anything to go on then this might be the game's most expensive DLC - and players need more to prepare with. Joining all these triple reward bonuses are some simpler, more common promos. All Rockstar Created Stunt Races will be paying out double RP and GTA$ through the 3rd of July, as well as all Time Trials - as you'll notice, every bonus event this week is related to racing.

This week's login reward is a little bit different. In the past we've usually gotten t-shirts for our characters to wear, but this week it's a hoodie instead. A white Nagasaki Logo Hoodie, to be precise, allowing you to rep your favorite far eastern bike manufacturer while staying cozy and warm.

A large number of vehicles have been discounted this week, with price reductions ranging between 30% to 40% off. Highlights include all the vehicles starring in the triple rewards activities - the Weeny Issi Classic is 40% off, the Declasse Hotring Sabre is 35% off and the RC Bandito is 30% off, with even more discounts on offer.


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